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Animeth Toxicity Report

Anime Fanfics

Setsuna Soto (pixieblade)
7 November
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I'm an avid otaku and am proud of that fact. This journal is a collection of all my anime related writings and musings, though mainly fanfics and pictures. I posted the general list of anime I've seen on my lj, so I can have more room here to annoy/terrify ppl. *manic laughter and rubbing of hands*


Yeah, so, I write, duh. I do a lot of other things that don't make me any money too, but you ppl don't care about that, do you? So here I give you what you want: pure, unadulterated, SMUT. Mainly, probably, okay, completely yaoi in genre. You want something different, ask me and I'll send you the link to my non-m/m porn het stuff (poetry, maybe some fantasy for fun, who doesn't like vampires, witches and fairies-the kind with wings, not my normal kind) and even some cooking. Otherwise, enjoy the pr0n.


Because they're tasty.


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"Do not meddle in the affairs of slash-writers, for you are cute and go well with other men."
(Swiped from theskywasblue.)

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